Enhance your taste experience with Shakkr savoury delights. Order online and explore our flavorful collection of savoury treats in Delhi NCR. Enjoy the perfect balance of spices and premium quality with every bite.


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Maggie Masala Mathi
Maggie Masala Mathi Sale priceFrom Rs. 260.00
Aaloo Lachha
Aaloo Lachha Sale priceFrom Rs. 285.00
Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet Potato Chips Sale priceFrom Rs. 285.00
Karela Chips
Karela Chips Sale priceFrom Rs. 285.00
Beetroot Chips
Beetroot Chips Sale priceFrom Rs. 285.00
Banana Chips
Banana Chips Sale priceFrom Rs. 285.00
Agra Mixture
Agra Mixture Sale priceFrom Rs. 290.00
Khatta Meetha Mixture
Khatta Meetha Mixture Sale priceFrom Rs. 290.00
Namkeen Chiwda
Namkeen Chiwda Sale priceFrom Rs. 290.00
Cheese Aaloo Bhujia
Cheese Aaloo Bhujia Sale priceFrom Rs. 290.00
Seedmix Sale priceFrom Rs. 420.00
Panchratna Wedding BhajiPanchratna Wedding Bhaji
Panchratna Wedding Bhaji Sale priceFrom Rs. 470.00
Masala Makhana
Masala Makhana Sale priceFrom Rs. 525.00
Utsav Box of CelebrationsUtsav Box of Celebrations
Utsav Box of Celebrations Sale priceRs. 1,499.00
More Bagh BoxMore Bagh Box
More Bagh Box Sale priceRs. 1,500.00
Gaurang Box of HappinessGaurang Box of Happiness
Gaurang Box of Happiness Sale priceRs. 2,300.00
Alankar Premium Bhaji BoxAlankar Premium Bhaji Box
Alankar Premium Bhaji Box Sale priceRs. 3,200.00