Thoughts That Guide Us

When Shakkr took its first steps in the Indian Dessert industry, it did so with the understanding that memories are powerful things. Think back to your earliest memory of food. You vaguely remember what the dish tasted like. However, the memory of it is as powerful as ever. At Shakkr, we believe the layers of any mithai lie not just in the way it tastes but also in the way we remember it.

Our Salted Caramel Pedas may look different than how you remember them. The initial bite may bring about a completely new taste. However, as the Peda steadily melts in your mouth, the mawa coating your tongue, you will be taken back to your earliest memory of eating a Peda. The sweetness, the bits that stick to the ends of your teeth and, of course, the people you had around you at the time. 

That is exactly what we, at Shakkr, want for you. For us, innovation only for the sake of innovation is not the way to go about things. The idea of innovation must be tempered with the idea of keeping things familiar. After all, something new should never take away from something you hold dear.

All throughout our journey, from ‘Halls’ to ‘Saltt’ to ‘Shakkr’, the people who started it all have ingrained one simple truth in us. The ‘hows’ and ‘whens’ may change over time. The ‘why’ you do it, however, should always remain the same. The reason why you are doing something should be the sole focus.

And, the reason we do it all is, without a doubt, you.