What We Provide

We, as Indians, have some of our most precious childhood experiences rooted in memories of food. More specifically, we remember our Kaju Katlis, the edible foil sticking to our fingers. Perhaps, you leaned more towards Rasgullas, the sweet syrup bursting into your mouth with each bite. Whatever the sweet may be, there is a deep sense of comfort that some dishes just bring out in us.

At Shakkr, we are committed to making you remember that exact feeling. At Shakkr, we believe those experiences are worth treasuring.

With a focus on recreating the traditional Indian mithai with just a touch of innovative flair, Shakkr offers a wide variety of sweets and savouries. What’s more, we believe that experiences are worth more than words can express, especially when it comes to desserts. It is owing to this belief, that we offer a wonderfully designed gifting range that is carefully curated to your personal preferences. 

And, of course, we cater to events. What’s a party without something sweet to remember it by?